An empowered, multi-skilled workforce may be the single most valuable resource for success. Creating effective leaders enables employees to effectively communicate and efficiently complete their workplace roles, resulting in increased productivity levels and improved profit margins, ultimately helping to develop a real competitive edge.

Leadership Development Essentials

Leadership Development Essentials is a series of ten (10), four-hour sessions that are highly interactive and utilize a variety of instructional techniques including: lectures, work sessions, group discussions, role playing, video, self-assessments, and practical applications. Participants are encouraged to bring real life issues to each session to facilitate on-the-job application of the skills learned.

Youth Apprentice Program

High school students are invited to participate in this on-the-job program that gives them worksite experience and a day’s wage, while in high school. Selected students report to work at the business one or two days a week. A mentor oversees their work. A training plan is developed to help the students track their progress. Students observe and practice the technical skills they need as well as the communications and team building skills that help a company succeed. Designed as a 2 + 2 program, each student is encouraged to continue their work experiences after high school, as they pursue their education at a college or technical school.

Corporate Culture Services

Company culture greatly influences daily productivity and continuous improvement. In order to succeed in the global economy, your employees need to be customer-focused and operate as a highly effective team while management needs to provide a compelling vision and work environment, focusing efforts to create a stronger company.

NEPIRC provides solutions that enable organizations to maximize employee performance to meet constantly changing business needs. Our goal is to assist you in identifying opportunities and hurdles and the creation of manageable solutions that lead to improvements in your overall operational effectiveness. We utilize a holistic approach to implementation that leads to positive, lasting change. To learn more, email