Operational Excellence consulting services help to produce better quality products faster and at lower cost.

Today’s manufacturers are already operating at a high level of performance. Each incremental improvement in quality or cost savings can have a significant impact on profitability and increase your competitive advantage. We have identified the following approaches that successful manufacturers use to further their journey toward Operational Excellence.

Lean Manufacturing

The best performing companies implement lean manufacturing techniques across their entire organization with a focus on getting the most of all the resources they have. They understand that continuous improvement has everything to do with growing the business.

Lean is not a one size fits all approach and not every lean tool is applicable for every manufacturer. So the benchmark, copy and paste approach will not always work. We take the proven concepts of lean manufacturing and apply them to the unique situation, needs and environment of your company.

We offer the following services, which can all be modified and custom designed to fit your particular situation and need:

Kata Overview
Lean 6S, Workplace Organization Training
Lean Office & Business Processes
Lean Principles Overview
Lean Rapid Equipment Changeover (SMED)
Process Reliability Assessment
Root Cause Analysis A3
Six Sigma Green Belt
Six Sigma Yellow Belt
SolidWorks® Essentials
Standard Work
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

We also offer a Lean Specialist Certificate Program, a series of courses that covers the concepts and tools manufacturing professionals need to support Continuous Improvement efforts in today’s challenging work environment. The curriculum encompasses the technical and interpersonal skills required to implement sustainable improvements in productivity, quality and workplace safety.