Jack Adams
Business Advisor jack@nepirc.com (570) 704-0024

Jack is a Business Advisor responsible for building relationships and presenting NEPIRC services to a specialized portfolio of regional manufacturers to foster their profitable growth through […]

Nick DeAntonio
Business Advisor nick@nepirc.com

Nick joined NEPIRC in 2017 as a Business Development Advisor serving NEPIRC clients in Lackawanna and Wyoming counties. His professional experience in the fields of staffing […]

Eric J. Esoda, CPA
President & CEO eric@nepirc.com (570) 704-0012

Eric joined NEPIRC in 1998 and, since that time, has held positions within the organization’s consulting, business development and financial management departments. Prior to joining NEPIRC, […]

Jayne F. Evans
Accounting & Office Manager jayne@nepirc.com (570) 704-0005

Jayne serves as NEPIRC’s accountant and is responsible for all routine accounting transactions including cash disbursements and accounts payable, invoicing and accounts receivable, payroll and benefit […]

Leo Gilroy
Director, Strategy & Innovation leo@nepirc.com (570) 704-0031

Leo joined NEPIRC in 2004 as a Project Manager in the Business Growth Services group. Leo’s career encompasses over twenty years of diverse industrial and DoD […]

Gerry Giza
Director, Lean & Continuous Improvement gerry@nepirc.com (570) 704-0019

Gerry joined NEPIRC in 2006 and works closely with clients on initiatives designed to increase their production capacity, reduce production costs, and capitalize on top-line sales […]

Marla Hager
Business Advisor marla@nepirc.com (570) 704-0025

Marla joined NEPIRC in 2016 as a Business Advisor. In this capacity, Marla is responsible for working with NEPIRC clients to build relationships and enable them […]

Ray Kryeski

Ray Kryeski
Mechanical Engineer ray@nepirc.com 570-704-0037

Ray joined NEPIRC in 2016 as a Mechanical Engineer. He works with clients to address their unique Lean Enterprise challenges and maximize their results of Lean […]

Drew Mackie, CPA
Chief Financial Officer drew@nepirc.com (570) 704-0035

Drew joined the NEPIRC staff in 2013. Prior to NEPIRC, Drew spent nearly 20 years in public accounting rising to the level of partner in the […]

Nancy Markovich
Industry Outreach & Program Evaluation Coordinator nancy@nepirc.com (570) 704-0003

Nancy joined the NEPIRC in 2006 as an Administrative Assistant. She has over 15 years of experience in workforce development and training. Her career experience includes […]

Brian Matyjevich
Lean Enterprise Consultant brian@nepirc.com (570) 704-0029

Brian joined NEPIRC in 2020 as a Lean Enterprise Consultant. Prior to joining the team, Brian has spent the last 26 years working in all levels […]

Donald Olszewski, QMS-A
Director, Quality & Industry Certification Services don@nepirc.com (570) 704-0017

Donald joined NEPIRC in 1993 and brings over 20 years of manufacturing and process improvement experience to all of his educational programs, on-site implementations and client […]

Dale Parmenteri
Vice-President of Consulting Operations dale@nepirc.com (570) 704-0004

Dale joined NEPIRC as Vice-President of Consulting Operations in 2013. He is responsible for coordinating the delivery of NEPIRC staff services and deployment of NEPIRC resources […]

Randy Yash
Manager of Information Systems randy@nepirc.com 570-819-8966 ext 124

Randy joined NEPIRC in 2015. He has an extensive background in IT, networking, server configuration and technical consulting. Prior to working for NEPIRC, Randy worked  as an IT […]