Jack Adams
Business Advisor

jack@nepirc.com (570) 704-0024

Jack is a Business Advisor responsible for building relationships and presenting NEPIRC services to a specialized portfolio of regional manufacturers to foster their profitable growth through innovation, process excellence, sustainable manufacturing, supply chain management and leadership development. Jack works closely with a portfolio of companies through individual consultations, the facilitation of in-depth benchmarking and financial health assessments, and the creation of customized solutions to address their unique growth opportunities.

Prior to joining NEPIRC, Jack was an Account Executive with Concentra/Humana Medical and worked with manufacturers to reduce their healthcare, Workers’ Compensation and workplace accident costs through the adoption of innovative approaches to employee health, safety and well-being.

Jack holds a degree in Business Administration from King’s College and various Certificates in Information Technology and other fields from Luzerne County Community College. Jack recently completed a Project Management Certificate Program at Penn State University.